The CustMbite Story

Dr. Manese Rabeony and Dr. Monroe Elkin started the CustMbite Company in 2003.  We had a vision for a totally different type of athletic mouthguard.  A vision that is based on the need for a mouthguard exhibiting comfort and precision fit, ease of breath ability and clarity of speech for an over-the-counter price.  We are committed to provide the best quality product to enhance the athlete’s performance.

CustMbite is led by a seasoned group of three principals, who have spent 13 years working together.  The Company expects to be a trend-setter in the Sporting Goods Industry markets, due to its distinct position of having strong development and marketing capabilities along with rapid turn around on new products into the marketplace.  The company has product material unique to the mouthguard industry. CustMbite was dedicated to providing an athletic mouthguard with unsurpassed fit and durability.  We manufacture the CustMbite mouthguard in the United States.  The CustMbite mouthguard is the first athletic mouthguard to receive the prestigious ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Presently, athletes are frustrated by the inadequacies of the various over-the-counter athletic mouthguards that are available.  Athletes undergoing Orthodontics, until the introduction of the CustMbite Mouthguard had no viable options, except an expensive dentist or laboratory made mouthguard.  The CustMbite mouthguard allows refitting an unlimited amount of times, therefore there is no need to purchase a new mouthguard.

CustMbite can only be successful if we are able to meet the needs of our customers and it is that theme which drives everyone at the company to serve our customers to the best of our ability.  Customer service is a hallmark of our company.

                                                            CustMbite Founders
                                             Dr. Manese Rabeony, Dr. Monroe Elkin