About Us
Dr. Monroe Elkin, DMD, has spent the past twenty years researching and developing the latest in athletic mouthguard technology. He and polymer chemist Dr. Manese Rabeony formed CustMbite LLC to bring you the most effective, precision-fit mouthguard to come on the market in over 40 years.



Monroe Elkin, Bs. Pharm., DMD-President and CEO
Dr. Elkin practiced general and sports dentistry for 30 years.  During that time he has published articles about athletic mouthguards as well as championed mouthguard legislation.

  He serves or has served on the board of many community-and-sports based organizations, notably the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the International Medalist Association and Opportunity Project — a brain injury non-profit organization, and the Palm Beach Sports Medicine Foundation.

A member of The Academy for Sports Dentistry, he served on their committee for legislation in 1995.  He is also a Member of The National Athletic Trainers Association, and was a member of the Florida Concussion Task Force, which helped formulate concussion protocol for return to play.

Manese Rabeony, PhD-Vice President – Research and Development

Dr. Rabeony is a research scientist and educator with more than 15 years of industrial and academic experience.  He is in charge of all Research, Development, Innovation, and Intellectual Property (IP) to give CustMbite a competitive edge and solidifies its long term success.

Prior to founding CustMbite, he had spent 10 years as a research scientist at the Corporate Research Science Laboratories-Exxon Research and Engineering in NJ where he was awarded four U.S. Patents.

Dr. Rabeony has published numerous scientific papers in international peer reviewed journals and presents at conferences and seminars worldwide.  He is a member of the American Chemical Society.